Partnership Opportunities for Industry

To address the urgent need for novel and improved treatments for malignant brain cancer, the Defeat GBM Research Collaborative initiative is focused on integrating basic research, drug discovery, and clinical research for development of breakthrough therapies to treat and cure brain tumors. The initiative is bold and strives to be an urgent response to the devastating facts of being a glioblastoma brain tumor patient.

Neuro-oncology represents one of the most challenging of oncology indications, but the field has been at the forefront of breakthroughs in basic science and clinical strategies. Such progress has provided compelling research opportunities for scientists and clinicians in both academia and industry to pursue a common goal of developing new treatment options for brain cancer patients.

The path from basic discovery to clinical development requires considerable multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder expertise. The Defeat GBM initiative strongly supports and fosters opportunities for biopharmaceutical companies to collaborate with the leading researchers from world-renowned cancer institutions involved in the initiative and to work together to advance novel investigational agents along the preclinical to clinical path. Partnerships may be focused on validation and de-risking of specific therapeutic targets, leveraging chemical and biological assets of the company, development of novel biomarkers and other aspects of GBM drug development including participation in innovative clinical trials.

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