Cure GBM, LLC is a subsidiary of the National Brain Tumor Society. It is governed by a Managing Board, and employs a President to oversee the organization’s operational needs such as negotiating agreements and contracting services by the Research Management Organization (RMO). The Defeat GBM Research Collaborative exists under this LLC.

The Strategic Scientific Advisory Council (SSAC), chaired by the Scientific Director, is tasked with providing oversight to the scientific projects and providing guidance to the Cure GBM, LLC Managing Board to identify requirements to meet the deliverable. The Scientific Director is responsible for managing Cure GBM’s research portfolio, including establishing initial research milestones, developing a Strategic Research Plan, nominating individuals or entities to conduct or support research, evaluating the progress of ongoing research against the established milestones. Decisions regarding research activities are ultimately determined by the Managing Board consistent with the LLC’s research budget and with the SSAC’s assessment of scientific merit.